Taiwan Experience Education Program : Online Internship

in Medicinal & Applied Chemistry

at Kaohsiung Medical University (TEEP@KMUC)

The Ministry of Education-Taiwan, launched a new program titled “Taiwan Experience Education Program at Asia plus (TEEP@AsiaPlus)" scheme to welcome Asian Countries’ students to join and explore different universities and colleges in Taiwan for short term research internship. This TEEP@KMUC Program in Medicinal & Applied Chemistry program is promoted, funded, and approved by Ministry of Education-Taiwan (MOE), proposed and organized by KMU, and co-organized and supported by TEEP@AsiaPlus and Elite Study in Taiwan (ESIT).

KMU, the first private and top medical university in Taiwan, established at 1954 and has a multicultural and bilingual environment with international students from more than 50 countries. The Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry was established on 1990 and possess more than 20 professors in 5 research areas covering all chemistry domains. Our department ranked No#1 in medicinal and applied chemistry field in Taiwan and possess large number international students and have great research interaction with medicine (4 affiliated KMU hospitals). We are proud our department is a great place where medicine meets chemistry.  

The TEEP@KMUC Program is specifically designed for Asian countries students/scholars , given the continuing health and safety issues posed by COVID-19, we moving our internship program to a virtual format to conduct online research advising and academic exchanges with professors from the Department of Medicine and Applied Chemistry of KMU, Taiwan. We look forward to welcoming all of you to join our online internship program.


TEEP@KMUC Online Internship Program


Medicinal & Applied Chemistry


Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), Taiwan


Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry


Taiwan Experience Education Program at AsiaPlus

Internship Period:

4 – 6 months (Minimum discuss should be at least 12 times )

Application period:

2021/06/25 ~ 2022/2/18

Internship Period:

Starts at 2022/07/01 and ends at 2022/06/30


1. Must hold Citizenship of any Asian countries except Taiwan

2. Current undergraduates/graduates (master/doctoral) students or graduated/degree holders of bachelors/masters or company/industry workers are eligible to apply for this internship

3. Educational background must be in chemistry (any branches) or related to chemical sciences (Analytical/Physical/Organic/Inorganic/Pharmaceutical/ Polymers/Materials/Medicinal/Bio-Chemistry.

Contact Information:

For general information and program application, please contact Ms. Chen at r081025@kmu.edu.tw or call +886-7-312-1101 ext.6985. https://chem.kmu.edu.tw/

Online Internship available:

1. Prof. Sodio C.N. Hsu:   CV   Admission criterion

2. Prof. Chai-Lin Kao:   CV   Admission criterion

3. Prof. Hsuan-Ying Chen:   CV   Admission criterion

4. Prof. Chien-Hung Li:   CV   Admission criterion

4. Prof. Chia-Hsiang Chen:   CV   Admission criterion

5. Prof. Wei-peng Li:   CV   Admission criterion

Application Form:  Word   PDF

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