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Lab/Office: N819(B)

Tel: +886-7-3121101 extension 2810; Fax: +886-7-3125339
Fax: +886-7-3125339
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Education Experience:

2000.6 Bachelor in Chemistry, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
2002.6 Master in Analytical Chemistry, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
2006.7 Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan



Working Experience:
2006.8 – 2007.7 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, National Chung Hsing University,


2007.9 – 2009.3 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

2009.6 – 2015.7 Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung

                           Medical University, Taiwan

2015.8-           Associate Professor, Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung

                           Medical University, Taiwan


Research Interest:

The current research interest of our lab focus on the possible application of optical spectroscopies, including:

1. Development of Novel Optical Spectroscopic Sensor

2. Preparation of Novel Nano-material and Their Applications in Biomedical Sensing

3. The Bio-application of Molecular Spectroscopy

4. The Application of Surface-enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy and Surface Plasmon Resonance

5. Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of Intermolecular Interactions. 

For detail information, please feel free to contact us. We are also recruiting undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. students now.Anyone who is interested in our field, please also contact me for further information.  


Recent Publication:

1. Zhou, Z.; Huang, G. G.; Kato, T.; Ozaki, Y.*, 2011, “Experimental parameters for SERS of Nitrate Ion for Label-free Semi-quantitative Detection of Proteins and Mechanism for Proteins to form SERS Hot-sites: A SERS Study”, J. RamanSpectrosc. 42, 1713-1721.
2. Huang, G. G.; Lee, C. -J. Tsai, B.-C.; Yang, J.; Sathiyendiran, M.; Lu, K.-L., 2011, “Gondola-Shaped Tetra-rheniumMetallacycles Modified Evanescent Wave Infrared Chemical Sensors for Selective Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds”, Talanta, 85, 63-69.
3. Huang, G. G.; Cheng, M.-L.; Yang, J.*2011, “Metal Ion-Assisted Infrared Optical Sensor for Selective Determination of Tryptophan in Urine Samples”, J. Chin. Chem. Soc. 58, 435-442.
4. Zhou, Z.; Huang, G. G.; Ozaki, Y.*2010, “Label-free Rapid Semi-quantitative Detection of Proteins Down to SubmonolayerCoverage by Using Surface- enhanced Raman Scattering of Nitrate Ion”, Chem. Lett. 39, 11, 1203-1205.
5. Huang, G. G.; Han, X. X.; Hossain, M. K.; Kitahama, Y.; Ozaki, Y.*2010, “A Study of Glutathione Molecules Adsorbed on Silver Surfaces Under Different Chemical Environments by Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering in Combination with Heat-induced Sensing Method”, Appl. Spectrosc. 64, 10, 1100-1108.
6. Zhou, Z.; Yang, I.; Huang, G. G.; Ozaki, Y.*2010, “Co-adsorption of Electrolyte and Protein to Ag Colloid Observed by Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering”, Analyst, 135, 2372-2376.
7. Huang, G. G.; Hossain, M. K.; Han, X. X.; Ozaki, Y.*2009, “A Novel Reversed Reporting Agent Method for Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering; Highly Sensitive Detection of Glutathione in Aqueous Solutions”,Analyst, 134, 2468-2474.
8. Huang, G. G.; Han, X. X.; Hossain, M. K.; Ozaki, Y.*2009, “Development of a Heat-induced SERS Sensing Method for Rapid Detection of Glutathione in Aqueous Solutions”, Anal. Chem. 81, 5881-5888.
9. Hossain, M. K.; Huang, G. G.; Kaneko, T.; Ozaki, Y.*2009, “Surface-enhanced Raman scattering and plasmon excitations from isolated and elongated gold nanoaggregates”, Chem. Phy. Lett. 477, 130-134.
10. Hossain, M. K.; Huang, G. G.; Kaneko, T.; Ozaki, Y.*2009, “Characteristics of surface-enhanced Raman scattering and surface-enhanced fluorescence using a single and a double layer gold nanostructure”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 11, 7484-7490.
11. Han, X. X.; Huang, G. G.; Zhao, B.*; Ozaki, Y.*2009, “Label-Free Highly Sensitive Detection of Proteins in Aqueous Solutions Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering”. Anal. Chem. 81, 3329-3333.
12. Hossain, M. K.; Kitahama, Y.; Huang, G. G.; Han, X.-X., Ozaki, Y.*2009, “Surface-enhanced Raman scattering: Realization of localized surface plasmon resonance using unique substrates and methods”, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 394, 1747-1760.
13. Hossain, M. K.; Kitahama, Y.; Huang, G. G.; Kaneko, T.; Ozaki, Y.*2008, “SPR and SERS characteristics of goldnanoaggregates with different morphologies”, Applied Physics B, 93, 165-170.
14. Huang, G. G.; Wang, C. T.; Tang, H. T.; Huang, Y. S.; Yang, J.*2006, “ZnO Nanoparticle-Modified Infrared Internal Reflection Elements for Selective Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds”, Anal. Chem. 78, 2397-2404.
15. Huang, G. G.; Yang, J.*2005, “Development of Infrared Optical Sensor for Selective Detection of Tyrosine in Biological Fluids”,Biosens. & Bioeletron. 21, 408-418.
16. Huang, G. G.; Yang, J.*2003, ” Selective Detection of Copper Ions in Aqueous Solution Based on an Evanescent Wave Infrared Absorption Spectroscopic Method”, Anal. Chem. 75, 2262-2269.
Conference Paper:
1. Huang, G. G.; Kitahama, Y.; Hossain, M. K.; Ozaki, Y., “A Novel Reversed Reporting Agent Method for Selective Detection of Glutathione by Surface- enhanced Raman Scattering”, International Symposium on Surface Science and Nanotechnology, 2008, 12p-p-105, Tokyo, Japan.
2. Huang, G. G.; Hossain, M. K.; Ozaki, Y., “Development of Rapid Glutathione Sensing Methods by Surface- enhanced Raman Scattering” International Chemical Conference Taipei, Analytical Chemistry, 2008, P092, Kaoshung, Taiwan
3. Huang, G. G.; Lu, K.-L.; Yang, J. “Characterization of the interaction behaviors of supramolecules of rhenium complexes with volatile organic compounds by infrared chemical sensors”, Chinese Chemical Society Annual Meeting, 2006, A-100, Taipei
4. Huang, G. G.; Yang, J. “Development of Evanescent Wave IR sensor for Determination of Chirality of Amino Acids”, Pittcon,2005, 1620-4P, Orlando, U.S.
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