Professor Chih-Kuang Wang, Ph.D.



Lab:Nano-Bio Chemistry Laboratory (N836)

Tel: 886-7-3121101 ext. 2677

Fax: 886-7-3125339

Lab website:

Education and Experience:

         M.S. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, (1990-1992)

          Ph.D., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University , (1992-1998)

          Postdoctoral fellow, Material Research Laboratories (MRL), 2003, Industrial Technology Research Institute – (ITRI), (1998-2003)

          Assistant professor, Department of Medical and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung Medical University, (2003-2009)

          Associate professor, Department of Medical and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung Medical University, (2009- 2015)

          Professor, Department of Medical and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung Medical University, (2015- present)


Research Interests:

  • Design and fabrication of scaffold materials for tissue engineering of bone & cartilage

  • Polymeric micelle micro-, nano-particle system for drug/gene delivery

  • Other interesting at advanced materials ….


Selected Publications:

01. C.Z. Wang, M.L. Ho,W.C. Chen, C.C. Chiu, Y.L. Hung, C.K. Wang*, S.C. Wu, Characterization and enhancement of chondrogenesis in porous hyaluronic acid-modified scaffolds made of PLGA(75/25) blended with PEI-grafted PLGA(50/50), Materials Science and Engineering C, revised at 2011. (IF: 1.842 at 2009 ; ranking:57/212=26.89% inMATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY)

02. C.Z. Wang, S.M. Chen, C.H. Chen, C.K. Wang, G.J. Wang, J.K. Chang , M.L. Ho*, The effect of the local delivery of alendronate on human adipose-derived stem cell-based bone regeneration, Biomaterials, 31:8674-83, 2010. (IF: 7.365 at 2009 ; ranking:2/59=3.39% in ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICA)

03. E. Rajalakshmanan, C.K. Wang, W.C. Chen, M.J. Tang, M.L. Ho, C.C. Hwang, C.Z. Wang*, DDR1/E-cadherin complex regulates the stabilization of cell surface E-cadherin and E-cadherin-mediated cell aggregation, Journal of Cellular Physiology, 224:387-397 , 2010. (IF: 4.586 at 2009 ; ranking:8/74=9.33% in PHYSIOLOGY)

04. C.K. WangC.Z. Wang, J.C. Wang, C.C.g Hung, W.Y. Li, W.C. Chen*, Preparation and Characterization of the Calcium Phosphate deposited on the Gold Nanoparticles, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids,356:927-932, 2010. (IF: 1.252 at 2009 ; ranking:6/25=16.67% in MATERIALS SCIENCE, CERAMICS)

05. J.C. Wang, C.L. Ko, C.C. Hung, Y.C. Tyan, C.H. Lai, W.C. Chen*, C.K. Wang, Deriving fast setting properties of tetracalcium phosphate/dicalcium phosphate anhydrous bone cement with nanocrystallites on the reactant surfaces, Journal of Dentistry, 38:158-165, 2010. (IF:2.00 at 2009 ; ranking: 16/64 =21.82 % in DENTISTRY, ORAL SURGERY & MEDICINE)

06.S.C. Wu, J.K. Chang, C.K. Wang, M.L. Ho*, Enhancement of chondrogenesis of human adipose derived stem cells in a hyaluronan-enriched microenvironment, Biomaterials, 31:631-640, 2010. (IF: 7.365 at 2009 ; ranking:2/59=3.39% in ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICA)

07. Y.C. Tyan*, M.H. Yang, S.B. Jong, C.K. Wang, J. Shiea, Melamine contamination, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 395:729–735, 2009. (IF: 5.241 at 2009 ; ranking:3/70=4.29% in Chemistry, analytical)

08. C.C. Chiu*, H.W. Chang, D.W. Chuang, F.R. Chang, Y.C. Chang, Y.S. Cheng, S.S. Lee, C.K. Wang, Jeff Y.F. Chen, Y.C. Liu, Y.C. Wu, Fern plant-derived protoapigenone leads to DNA damage, apoptosis and G2/M, arrest in lung cancer cell line H1299, DNA and Cell Biology, 28:501-506, 2009. (IF:2.28 at 2009 ; ranking:170/283= 60.07% in BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY)

09. C.K. Wang, M.L. Ho, G.J. Wang, J.K. Chang, C.H. Chen, Y.C. Fu*, H.H. Fu, Controlled-release of rhBMP-2 carriers in the regeneration of osteonecrotic bone, Biomaterials 30: 4178–4186, 2009. (IF: 7.365 at 2009 ; ranking:2/59=3.39% in ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICA) 

10. C.H. Tseng, Y.L. Chen, C.M. Lu, C.K. Wang, Y.T. Tsai, R.W. Lin, C.F. Chen, Y.F. Chang, G.J. Wang, M.L. Ho, and C.C. Tzeng*, Synthesis and Anti-osteoporotic Evaluation of Certain 3-Amino-2-hydroxypropoxyisoflavone Derivatives, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 44:3621-3626, 2009. (IF:3.269 at 2009 ; ranking: 10/46=21.74% in Chemistry, Medicinal

11. J.K. Chang, C.J. Li, H.J. Liao, C.K. Wang, G.J. Wang, M.L. Ho*, “Anti-inflammatory drugs suppress proliferation and induce apoptosis through altering expressions of cell cycleregulators pro-apoptotic factors in cultured human osteoblasts, Toxicology 258:148–156, 2009. (IF:3.241 at 2009 ; ranking: 19/77=24.68% in TOXICOLOGY)

12. H. Nie, M.L. Ho, C.K. Wang, C.H. Wang, Y.C. Fu*, BMP-2 plasmid loaded PLGA/HAp composite scaffolds for treatment of bone defects in nude mice, Biomaterials 30: 892–901, 2009. (IF: 7.365 at 2009 ; ranking:2/59=3.39% in ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICA) 

13. C.K. WangS.H. Chen, W.Y. Li, C.H. Lai and W.C. Chen*, Bioactive glass shell growth of a Si–Na–Ca–P layer on gold nanoparticles functionalized with mercaptopropyltrimethyloxysilane- silicate-tetraethylothosilicate”, Surface Review and Letters 16: 37–42, 2009.(IF:0.366 at 2009 ; ranking:60/66=90.91% in PHYSICS, CONDENSED MATTER) 

14. B.H Chen, K.I. Chen, M.L. Ho, H.N. Chen, W.C. Chen, C.K. Wang*, Synthesis of calcium phosphates and porous hydroxyapatite beads prepared by emulsion method, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 113: 365-371, 2009. (IF: 2.015 at 2009 ; ranking:49/212=23.11% in MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY) 

15. W.C. Chen, C.C. Hung, Y.C. Huang, C.K. Wangand J.C. Wang* “Fracture load of provisional fixed partial dentureswith long-span fiber-reinforced acrylic resinand thermocycling”, “Journal of Dental Science”, 4: 25-31, 2009. (IF: 0.107 at 2009 ; ranking:64/64=100% in DENTISTRY, ORAL SURGERY & MEDICINE

16. M.L. Ho, Y.C. Fu, G.J. Wang, H.T. Chen, J.K. Chang, T.H. Tsai, C.K. Wang*, Controlled release carrier of BSA made by W/O/W emulsion method containing PLGA and hydroxyapatite, Journal of Controlled Release, 128: 142-148, 2008. (IF: 5.949 at 2009 ; ranking:14/236=5.93% in Pharmacology & Pharmacy) 

17. Y.C. Fu, H. Nie, M.L. Ho, C.K. Wang, C.H. Wang*, Optimized bone regeneration based on sustained release from three-dimensional fibrous PLGA/HAp composite scaffolds loaded with BMP-2, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, 99: 996-1006, 2008. (IF: 3.377 at 2009 ; ranking:34/150=22.67% in BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY)

18. Y.C. Fu, M.L. Ho, S.C. Wu, H.S. Hsieh, C.K. Wang*, Porous bioceramic bead prepared by calcium phosphate with sodium alginate gel and PE powder, Materials Science and Engineering C, 28: 1149-1158, 2008.  (IF: 1.842 at 2009 ; ranking:57/212=26.89% in MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY) 

19. Y.P. Lee, C.K. Wang, T.H. Huang, C.C. Chen, C.T. Kao, S.J. Ding*, In Vitro characterization of postheat-treated plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings, Surface and Coatings Technology, 197: 367–374, 2005. (IF: 1.793 at 2009 ; ranking:3/16=18.7% in MATERIALS SCIENCE, COATINGS & FILMS) 

20. C.P. Ju*, C.K. Wang, H.Y. Cheng, J.H. Chern Lin, Process and Wear Behavior of Monolithic SiC and Short Carbon Fiber-SiC Matrix Composite, Journal of Materials Science, 35: 4477-4484, 2000. (IF: 1.471 at 2009 ; ranking:83/212=39.15% in MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY)

21. C.K. Wang, J.H. Chern Lin, C.P. Ju*, Effect of doped bioactive glass on structure and properties of sintered hydroxyapatite, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 53:138-149, 1998.(IF:2.015 at 2009 ; ranking:49/212=23.11% in MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY)

22. C.K. Wang, J.H. Chern Lin*, C.P. Ju, H.C. Ong and R.P.H. Chang, "Structural characterization of pulsed laser-deposited hydroxyapatite on titanium substrate", Biomaterials, 18:1331-1338, 1997. (IF: 7.365 at 2009 ; ranking:2/59=3.39% in ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICA) 


International conference papers

01.  C.K.Wang*,Y.C. Fu, , C.Z. Wang, S.C. Chien, M.L. Ho, Biodegradable Cationic Bis(PLGA-phe-PEG)-qDETA Nanoparticles for Local Hydrophobic Drug Delivery, The 38th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society, national Harbor, Maryland, U.S.A, Jul 30 - Aug 3, 2011.

02.  C.K. Wang*; Y.C. Fu, S.C. Chien, C.Z. Wang, M.L. Ho, Biphasic calcium phosphate porous scaffold made by Thermo-Responsive Hydrogel, 29th ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the CANADIAN BIOMATERIALS SOCIETY, Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia on June 1-4, 2011.

03.  Mei-Ling Ho, Chau-Zen Wang, Shih-Mao Chen, Chung-Hwan Chen, Chih-Kuang Wang, Gwo-Jaw Wang, Je-Ken Chang, Local Delivery of Alendronate Enhances Human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Based Bone Regeneration, 7th Combined Meeting of the OrthopaedicResearch Societies, Kyoto, Japan, Oct 16-20, 2010.

04.  C.K.Wang*, Y.H. Wang, S.P. Lo, B.H. Chen , and G.J. Wang, Novel cationic nanoparticles of bis(PLGA-PEG)-qDETA copolymers for gene transfection, The 37th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A, 10-14, July, 2010.

05.M.L. Ho*, S.C. Wu, C.K. Wang, G.J. Wang, Hyaluronan-enriched microenvironment induces chondrogenic differentiation of human adipose derived stem cells, 55rd Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, February 22 - 25, 2009.

06. Y.C. Fu*, H. Nie, M.L. Ho, C.K. Wang, H. Huang, C.H. WangOptimized bone regeneration based on sustained release from 3D scaffold, European Calcified Tissue Society. 2008.

07. W.C. Chen, S.H. Chen, J.C. Wang, C.C. Hung, W.Y. Li, C.K. Wang*, Calcium phosphate shell on functionalized gold nanoparticles, International Association For Dental Research(IADR) 86th General Session & Exhibition , July 2-5, 2008, Toronto, Canada.

08. S.C. Wu, J.K. Chang, C.K. Wang, I.C. Ting, G.J. Wang, M.L. Ho*, Cytocompatibility of a noval hyaluronic acid modified biodegradable scaffold with human adipose derived stem cells for application of cartilage tissue engineering, 53rd Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, San Diego, California, USA, February 11 - 14, 2007.

09. C.K. Wang*, H.S. Hsieh, Y.J. Guo, Study characterization and drug delivery on porous calcium phosphates beads by novel fabrication, Taiwan-Japan Advanced Biomaterials Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Oct. 4-5, 2004.

10. J.H. Chern Lin*, C.K. Wang, C.P. Ju, "Structural/chemical characterization of pulsed laser-deposited hydroxyapatite film on titanium substrate.", Fifth International Conference on Composites Engineering ICCE/5, Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Hotel, USA, July 1, 1998.

11. C.P. Ju, J.H. Chern Lin*, C.K. Wang, R.P.H. Chang, "Characterization of Pulsed Laser-Deposited Hydroxyapatite on Titanium Substrate.", Third International Congress on Dental Materials, Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii, , November 4-8, 1997.

12. J.H. Chern Lin*, C.K. Wang, C.P. Ju, "Structure and Properties of Bioactive Glass-Doped Hydroxyapatite.", Third International Congress on Dental Materials, Sheraton Waikiki,Hawaii, , November 4-8, 1997.

13. Wang, C. K., Cheng, H. Y. , Chern Lin, J. H. and C. P. Ju*, "Process and Wear of Short Carbon Fiber/Silicon Carbide Matrix Composite", IUMRS-ICAM-93 Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 30 - Sep. 5, 1993.



01. Chih-Kuang Wang*, Wen-Cheng Chen, Chun-Cheng Hung, Yin-Chih Fu, Two new routes to form porous bioceramic beadsBioceramics: Properties, Preparation and Applications, editor: Wolffe Kossler and Jacob Fuchs, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Hauppauge, NY 11788, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-60741-056-0

2. Mei-Ling Ho*, Je-Ken Chang, Chung-Hwan Chen,Yin-Chih Fu, Chih-Kuang Wang, Chau-Zen Wang, Rajalakshmanan Eswaramoorthy, Shun-Cheng Wu, Application of adipose derived stem cells for bone and cartilage regeneration, Edited book: Mesenchymal stem cells, , Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


01.  Chih-Kuang Wang, Gwo-Jaw Wang, Mei-Ling Ho, , Cherng-Chyi Tzeng, Je-Ken Chang and Yin-Chih Fu, Nanoparticles and use thereofUnited States Patent Application12/825,648, June. 29, 2010.

02.  Yin-Chih Fu, Chih-Kuang Wang, Gwo-Jaw Wang, Mei-Ling Ho, Hui-Ting Chen, Je-Ken Chang, and Cherng-Chyi Tzeng, Controlled release system and manufacturing method thereof, US-patent 2008/0220070 A1, 2008.

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05.  Chih-Kuang Wang Fu-Yin Hsu, Shan-Chang Chueh, Jiunn-Woei Liaw, ROC Patent no. I229011, 2005.

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