Project Assistant Professor Hui-Chi Chiu


Tel: 886-7-3121101 ext. 2684

Fax: 886-7-3125339



Education and Experience:

  • M.S. in Applied Chemistry, Providence University (1991.9 – 1993.6)

  • Ph.D. in Department of Chemical and Biological Science, University of Essex , England (1994.4 – 1999.12)

  • Chengshiu University, Assistant Professor (2004.8 -)

  • Academia Sinica, Postdoctoral Researcher (2000.2 - 2002.12)

  • National Cheng Kung University, Postdoctoral Researcher (2003.8 - 2008.1)

  • Kaohsiung Medical University, Project Assistant Professor (2009.8 -)

Fileds of specialty:

  • Nanomaterials (SnO2 semiconductor, biomaterial); Catalysis Chemistry; Electrochemistry (fuel cell, gas sensor)



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  12. H.C. Chiu; F.Y. Jhang; Y.T. Hung; C.H. Su; J. H. Chen; and C.S. Yeh; “A Successive Preparation of Nanotubes from SiO2, to SiO2@Fe3O4, to Au Coated SiO2@Fe3O4 Serving as bimodal MRI and Photothermal Therapy Agents” (To be submitted)

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