Associate Professor Tzu-Pin Wang


Tzu-Pin Wang, Ph.D.

Office: N818 (behind Rm N845)                                                           

Laboratory: N845, Nucleic Acid Chemistry Laboratory

Phone: 07-3121101 ext.2756



  1. National Taiwan University, B.S. in Forestry(1989)。
  2. California State University, Fullerton; CSUF; M.S. in Biochemistry(1994)。
  3. State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry; SUNY-ESF; Ph.D. in Chemistry (2000.12)

Research Highlights

  1. Chemistry of ribozymes and aptamers: in vitro evolution and selection of novel ribozymes and aptamers; structure determination of ribozymes and aptamers; determination of catalytical mechanisms of ribozymes.
  2. Nucleic acid chemistry and applications: phosphoramidation chemistry for post-synthetic modifications and conjugations of DNA/RNA; novel and effective bioorthogonal chemical approaches for nucleic acid modifications and labeling; novel approaches for synthesis of peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates (POCs); synthesis of POCs for achieving gene silencing and RNA interference ; novel methods for universal labeling and modifications DNA/RNA; phosphoramidation reactions for DNA microarray fabrication and detection; novel ribozymes and aptamers for developments of nucleic acid-based biosensors.
  3. Agarose Chemistry: purification of biotechnological grade agarose from indigenous Rhodophyta in Taiwan; synthesis of agarose derivatives useful in biotechnology and bioengineering.


  1. Kaohsiung Medical University, associate professor (2013.02-now).
  2. Kaohsiung Medical University, assistant professor (2005~2013)
  3. SUNY, University at Buffalo, Department of Chemistry, postdoctoral research associate(2000~2002.
  4. SUNY, University at Buffalo, Department of Chemistry, postdoctoral research associate(2003~2005.
  5. SUNY-ESF, Department of Chemistry, teaching and research assistants.
  6. CSUF, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, teaching and research assistants.


1.       Wang, T.-P. (王子斌) and Y.-J. Chiou (邱奕璋) (2014) Methods for conjugating nucleic acids with small molecules, U.S. Patent No.US 8,765,934 B2, Date of Patent: Jul. 1, 2014.

2.      Wang, T.-P. (王子斌) and Y.-J. Chiou (邱奕璋) (2014)將核酸街上小分子的方法(Methods for conjugating nucleic acids with small molecules), Taiwan Patent No.I464402, Date of Patent: Dec. 11, 2014.

3.      Wang, T.-P. (王子斌), N. C. Ko (柯霓蒨), and Y.-C. Su (蘇郁智) (2015)核酸共軛物的液相合成法(Liquid phase synthesis of a nucleic acid conjugate), Taiwan Patent No.I471331, Date of Patent: Feb. 1, 2015.

4.      Wang, T.-P. (王子斌)and Y.-C. Su (蘇郁智) (2018) Reagents for universal site-specific labeling and modifications of nucleic acids, U.S. Patent No.: US 9,856,285 B2, Date of Patent: Jan. 02, 2018.



Journal Publications in the Past Ten Years:

1. Wang, T.-P. *, Y.-C. Su, Y. Chen, S. Severance, C.-C. Hwang, Y.-M. Liou, C.-H. Lu, K.-L. Lin, R. J. Zhu, E.-C. Wang. (2018) Corroboration of Zn(II)-Mg(II)-tertiary structure interplays essential to optimal catalysis of a phosphorothiolate thiolesterase ribozyme. RSC Adv.8, 32775-32793.

2. Hwang, C.-C.*, P.-R. Chang, T.-P. Wang. (2017) Contribution of remote substrate binding energy to the enzymatic rate acceleration for 3α-hydroxysteroid

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4. Su, Y.-C., H.-Y. Chen, N. C. Ko, C.-C. Hwang, M. H. Wu, L.-F. Wang, Y.-M. Wang, S.-N. Chang, E.-C. Wang*, T.-P. Wang*. (2014) Effective and site-specific phosphoramidation reaction for universally labeling nucleic acids. Anal. Biochem.449, 118-128.

5. Chang, Y.-T., C.-Y. Lin, P.-L. Lu, C.-C. Lai, T.-C. Chen, C.-Y. Chen, D.-C. W, T.-P. Wang, C.-M. Lin, W.-R. Lin*, Y.-H. Chen. (2014) Stenotrophomonas maltophilia bloodstream infection: Comparison between community-onset and hospital-acquired infections. J. Microbiol. Immunol. Infect.47, 28-35.

6. Huang, S.-J., T.-P. Wang, S.-I. Lue, L.-F. Wang*. (2013) Pentablock copolymers of pluronic F127 and modified poly(2-dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate for internalization mechanism and gene transfection studies. Int. J. Nanomedicine8, 2011–2027.

7. Hwang, C.-C.*, Y.-H. Chang, H.-J. Lee, T.-P. Wang, Y.-M. Su, H.-W. Chen, P.-
H. Liang. (2013) The Catalytic Roles of P185 and T188 and Substrate-Binding Loop Flexibility in 3a-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase/Carbonyl Reductase from Comamonas testosterone. PLOS ONE8, e63594.

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9. Hsu, S. C. N., T.-P. Wang, C.-L. Kao, H.-F. Chen, P.-Y. Yang, and H.-Y. Chen*. (2013) Theoretical study on the protonation of the one-electron reduced guanine-cytosine base pair by water. J. Phys. Chem. B117, 2096−2105.

10. Chen, P.-Y., C.-Y. Zhou, H.-M. Chen, C.-H. Yang, T.-P. Wang*, and E.-C. Wang*. (2013) Synthesis of novel four-fused-ring chromeno-benzoxepinones from salicylaldehydes and 1-benzoxepin-5-ones via the oxa-Michael reaction/aldol condensation. ARKIVOC, (iii) 24-35.

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