Research Fields

Prof. & Dean

Li-Fang Wang

n  Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials

n  Multifunctional nanoparticulate preparation

n  Controlled drug delivery

Chairman & Prof.

Meng-Yang Chang

n  Organometallic chemistry, Heterocyclic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry.


Cherng-Chyi Tzeng

n  Design and synthesis of anticancer, anti-TB, and anti-osteoporotic agents.


Shinne-Ren Lin

n  Protein Chemistry

n  The mechanism of Cardiotoxins.

n  Signal transduction


Eng-Chi Wang

n  Synthetic organic chemistry on benzocarbocycles and benzoheterocycles

n  New methodologies for functional group interchange

n  Searching potential anti-viral, and anti-cancer compounds.


Jeh-Jeng Wang

n  Design and synthesis of biological active compounds.

n  Organic reaction study.

n  Chemical biology.


Yeh-Long Chen

n  Design and synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as anticancer agents.


Po-Yu Chen

n  The applications of ionic liquids in electrochemistry and green chemistry.

n  Electrochemical fabrication of conductive polymer films and composite films of conductive polymer/metallic nanoparticle

n  Fabrication of nanostructural electrodes employed for electroanalysis and electrocatalysis.


Chih-Neng Hsu

n  Structural and functional bio-minic metalloprotein active sites

n  Supramolecular chemistry of cyanometallate complexes

n  Organometallics of transition metal phosphine, or alkyne complexes

Associate Prof.

Long-Chih Hwang

n  Structure Analysis & Reaction Mechanisms

n  Drug Design Synthesis & Materials Science

n  Chinese Medicine & Health Promotion

Associate Prof.

Chih-Kuang Wang

n  Design / fabrication of scaffold materials for tissue engineering of bone

n  Polymeric micelle micro-, nano-particle system for drug/gene delivery

n  Other interesting at advanced materials.

Associate Prof.

Hsing-Yin Chen

n  The properties of radical anions and cations of biologically relevant molecules.

n  Charge transport in organic materials.

n  Structures, energetics, and dynamics of molecular clusters.

Associate Prof.

Chai-Lin Kao

n  Novel synthetic method of heterocyclic compounds.

n  The design and synthesis of dendrimer as artificial enzyme.

Associate Prof.

Tzu-Pin Wang

n  Structural and catalytic mechanism studies of metalloproteins

n  Biosensor and bio-switch development: applications of ribozymes

n  Bioremediation: metalloproteins and siderophores for detoxification of    environmental wastes

Associate Prof.

Hsung-Ying Chen

n  Design and synthesis of the catalysts for the cycloester polymerization

n  Design and synthesis of novel biodegradable polymer

n  The applications of the polylactide in cosmetic area

Assistant Prof.

Pu-Jui Huang

n  Synthetic studies on nanodrugs and electrode modifiers.

n  Electroanalytical method.

Assistant Prof.

Tsai-Hui Duh

n  Pharmaceutical analysis

n  Clinical chemistry

Assistant Prof.

Genin Gary Huang

n  Development of Novel Optical Spectroscopic Sensor

n  Preparation of Nano-material and Their Applications in Biomedical Sensing

n  The Bio-application of Molecular Spectroscopy

Assistant Prof.

Hui-Fen Chen

n  Physical chemistry

n  Spectroscope

n  Quantum chemical calulations

Assistant Prof.

Wei-Yu Lin

n  Development of organic reaction methodology using Microreactors

n  Biomaterials

n  Biosensors and Microfluidics

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